Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What have we done in 2016?

A: We launched our new website on November 8th. The store expanded with a ‘tasting kitchen’, new storefront with showcase windows, expanded shopping area, new Look, and beautiful new gift wrap. We created a new project called ‘Painted Door On-The-Go’, and in September Painted Door hosted a week long Birthday Party celebrating 25 years. The year ended  with an fantastic evening event ‘Silent Night! Not Tonight?...Eat Drink and Be Merry!’                                          

Q: What are future plans for Painted Door?

A: Who knows? This year Painted Door celebrates 26 years of doing business. And…there are still so many possibilities! Here are just a few of the new projects in and around our Neighborhood:

  • New…..OKC Convention Center and Hotel

  • New….. Streetcar System (with a ‘stop’ at our front door!)

  • New….. Central Park (Described as a ‘transformational development’)

  • New….. Development of Historic First National Bank

  • New….. Hotels in Bricktown (approximately 10)

  • New….. Renaissance Hotel (just announced! construction to begin 2017 - our first full service hotel in Bricktown)

We look forward to the incredible growth of our City, and to the multiples of enjoyable opportunities this brings. Painted Door is so very proud to be a part.

So…what are your questions?

I would love to hear from you! Email your question to