Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I use my Birthday Coupon?

A: Click on your shopping bag in the top right corner of the page to View Cart. Enter your code in the Discount Code box and press Apply. The discount will be deducted from your total.

Q: Who is the owner of Painted Door gift boutique?

A: Avis Scaramucci ~ click here for more information.

Q: What have we done in 2017?

A: The Year began with trips to Dallas, New York and Atlanta Markets to find fabulous new products. We selected many beautiful items to share with our Guests in the Painted Door gift boutique.

Our June event was a ‘Make and Take’ at which Avis demonstrated how to create a Wine Glass Terrarium. It was fantastic to see each person’s individuality in their finished terrarium. As they worked on their projects, we served wine and tasty mixes from our own Painted Door Kitchen.

In the Summer months we traveled to Dallas, New York and Atlanta Markets to again bring a ‘gathering’ of the loveliest and most unique gifts, clothing and décor to Painted Door. This is a favorite time as we look at endless selections of Fall, Winter and Holiday items.

 In November we offered over 80 pictures and fixtures at a silent auction. Nonna’s and Painted Door customers browsed and bid on items from Nonna’s history that reminded them of special occasions spent in the restaurant including wedding proposals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and many other occasions. We loved hearing all of your stories and memories of the restaurant.

We ended the year with a two week celebration and sale called ‘Eat, Drink & Be Merry!’  Guests were treated to punch and snacks as they shopped for very special gifts for Family, Friends and Business Associates.

We look forward to 2018…the beginning of Streetcar Service in Bricktown, as well as construction for Scissortail Park, the new Convention Center and  adjoining Omni Hotel. Most of all, we look forward to hearing from You!

please Come and Enjoy

Q: What have we done in 2016?

A: We launched our new website on November 8th. The store expanded with a ‘tasting kitchen’, new storefront with showcase windows, expanded shopping area, new Look, and beautiful new gift wrap. We created a new project called ‘Painted Door On-The-Go’, and in September Painted Door hosted a week long Birthday Party celebrating 25 years. The year ended  with an fantastic evening event ‘Silent Night! Not Tonight?...Eat Drink and Be Merry!’

Q: What are future plans for Painted Door?

A: Who knows? This year Painted Door celebrates 26 years of doing business. And…there are still so many possibilities! Here are just a few of the new projects in and around our Neighborhood:

  • New…..OKC Convention Center and Hotel

  • New….. Streetcar System (with a ‘stop’ at our front door!)

  • New….. Central Park (Described as a ‘transformational development’)

  • New….. Development of Historic First National Bank

  • New….. Hotels in Bricktown (approximately 10)

  • New….. Renaissance Hotel (just announced! construction to begin 2017 - our first full service hotel in Bricktown)

We look forward to the incredible growth of our City, and to the multiples of enjoyable opportunities this brings. Painted Door is so very proud to be a part.

So…what are your questions?

I would love to hear from you! Email your question to