All My Treasures : A Book of Joy

All My Treasures : A Book of Joy

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  • What special things would you store in a treasure box?
  • This girl realizes that the things she loves best wiill not  fit in a box
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages



Product Description


When a girl receives a beautiful porcelain box from her grandmother in All My Treasures, she immediately wants something special to put inside it. But what could it be? What does she love best? She loves jumping in puddles on rainy days, blowing bubbles in the park and watching her little sister’s first steps. As it turns out, life’s most precious treasures cannot be contained in a box! This story reminds us to take pleasure in everyday moments. Lift the flaps throughout to reveal hidden surprises. 10 in.  x 10 1⁄2 in.32 pages Hardcover